When things go wrong

There is no shortage of examples of steenkolenengels making the rounds. At best, they elicit an easy-going chuckle, but, at worst, they can seriously undermine your credibility. Here are some of our favourite (as well as most common) examples: False friends like “actual”, “solicit”, “eventual” – or even “good day” Former Dutch prime-minister Joop den
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Defining Quality

What does quality really mean? It’s an issue that every industry has to address as the word is widely overused (some would even say abused!). In the world of Dutch to English translation and text writing we would say that quality means… Free of mistakes: If there are errors in your texts, grammatical or otherwise,
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Adding value in translations

All too often people cut corners in translations, going for low price offers that end up costing you dearly in terms of quality. At Writewell we pay our people to think. Translation bureaus often state that they employ native English speakers as if that is a guarantee of quality in itself. It isn’t. Being able
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How to spell success in English and Dutch

We specialise in maritime translations. Our understanding of translations is based on more than 20 years of experience. The world has changed dramatically over the past two decades, but the need for accurate Dutch to English translations has never been more apparent. If you want to talk about the quality of your company, your communications
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Striking the right tone

Our approach: Writewell makes a different kind of translation. Writewell writes quality translations that speak to your audience in the language you need. Here’s what that means in practice for your Dutch to English translations… If your translation is for a commercial purpose, it needs a commercial tint. A good example of how Dutch and
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