Child of the bill

Child of the bill

There are books full of the mistakes people make in copywriting…. In fact, if you are Dutch we recommend the series called ‘I always get my sin’, from which we unashamedly lift the heading of this section…

If you want to talk about the quality of your company, your communications must reflect that. If there are errors in your English texts, grammatical or otherwise, they send a subliminal message that you may not be careful with your product/service. You won’t believe how many times we have seen the word ‘success’ misspelt… What do you think that says to a prospective client?

If you’re investing thousands of euros in a high-quality brochure with amazing photography, your captions need to be at the same level of perfection. If you are going to spend good money on a smart website, why cut corners on the text? People who chuckle at the poor language in your Facebook posts are unlikely to take your message seriously. And less is more when it comes to website texts… So every word counts.

Copywriting Mistakes

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