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The world is our…
In an era where English is the primary means of business communication between people everywhere, it is safe to say that the world is our field of work. The power of language does not recognise borders… And at Writewell we are privileged to work in many different sectors.

If you don’t see your industry on these pages that does not mean that we are not capable of providing first class support to your company/organisation. For translation purposes, we have built up extensive vocabularies of the jargon involved in the topics below (no, they’re not for sale!). And we would be pleased to open a new spread sheet on your line of work.

The subject listed below are by no means exhaustive and are intended as much to give examples of our work in English as they are to flag up the sector mentioned. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss how Writewell might be of service in your field.

Superyacht builders and suppliers

Writewell has many clients in the superyacht building industry, ranging from top yards to leading suppliers. It’s one of our key niche markets.

The Holland Yachting Group magazine Yacht Valley

All the copy for Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards

Maritime sectors

Writewell translates and writes for a wide range of maritime associations, ports and maritime services and brokerage companies, including SYBAss, HME and Amsterdam Port.

A jubilee book over the HME association

The English versions of the magazines from the Port of Amsterdam

Aviation / tourism

Up up and away – we provide a wide range of online and offline publications & communications for KLM and partners, as well as working in various other tourist areas.

Check out the latest edition of i-fly Magazine

Agronomy and agriculture

A wide range of work related to plant breeding, biotechnology, soil science, soil conservation, agroecology, plant research, weed, insect & pest control and much more besides.

Plant Research International – The Unravelled Mushroom Genome

Horti Fair – 2011 Knowledge Review

Automotive and tyres

From one of Europe’s most innovative tyre companies to major trade exhibitions in the automobile sector, Writewell helps keep translations and copy on the right track

Our translated English version of Apollo Vredestein’s cool magazine is the template for many other languages

Exhibitions and events

We are proud of our long-lasting relationship with Amsterdam RAI, the world’s most inspirational exhibition and congress centre. Writewell provides translations and copy for events as diverse as AutoRAI, the HISWA boats show, METS and much more besides.

The world of water

Much of Holland is below sea level and the water industry in its many facets is a key industry here. Writewell serves various events and companies in this sector, from the Amsterdam Water Week to the WaterForum publishing group.

Here’s a typical press release for Aquatech Amsterdam

An eye for the technical

From high-tech lenses to complex electronics, from aviation engineering & maintenance to yacht specifications, we have built up quite a vocabulary of Dutch to English technical terminology. And in partnership with you, we are not afraid to embrace new areas.

And there’s more…
  • Real estate and project development
  • Human resources and evaluation
  • Human rights
Last but by no means least

We are honoured to provide our services at no cost to this wonderful organisation, which we heartily recommend you support.

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