Adding value in translations

Adding value in translations

All too often people cut corners in translations, going for low price offers that end up costing you dearly in terms of quality. At Writewell we pay our people to think.

Translation bureaus often state that they employ native English speakers as if that is a guarantee of quality in itself. It isn’t. Being able to speak the Queen’s English does not automatically mean you can translate text – that also requires writing skills, a flair for language and an understanding of the audience.

Translation bureaus often employ people by the hour, expecting them to translate a certain number of words within a given timeframe. We know that this is unrealistic and that a good Dutch to English translator needs time to think.

Translation bureaus usually insist that their staff do not deviate from the source text. At Writewell we encourage creative thinking on translations. While your core message will remain the same, we often provide suggestions on how your Dutch to English copy might be improved for an international audience.

Dutch to English translations

Translation bureaus tend to deliver literal texts, translated sentence by sentence. At Writewell we don’t even translate paragraph to paragraph, preferring to look at the whole document – the Big Picture of your Dutch to English message.

In addition, everything is copy edited at the end before coming back to you. At the end of the day, we believe in adding value. Isn’t that the reason you want to have a Dutch to English translation in the first place? Check out our references to see how we serve others.

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