Writewell Quality Text: Scriptwriting and voiceovers

Some have suggested we rename this part of our company Voicewell… But then you’d miss the unique added value of working with Writewell in the voiceover arena whereby we can edit and check your script – or translate it of course.

Here is a good example of this approach. We wrote the script for this film and Andrew recorded the voice.        Leveraging on his knowledge of the yachting industry, Andrew changed this script at the same time as the recording!

Richard Felix
English and Catalan
We can also offer you the services of a good friend and colleague of ours, the actor and voice specialist Richard Felix. Richard records professionally from one of the leading studios in Barcelona and sends the files over to us here in Amsterdam. He has enormous resources at his disposal including a professionally licenced film editing suite.

Here are some examples of his work:
Documentary example …
Food Advertisement …

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